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Walmart has it's place in our shopping routine, so does Amazon and a lot of other stores. It is a good 'all purpose place' in terms of selection, however there are other factors to consider, so I will say It depends.

The Walmart near one of our places in a suburban area is run down and sort of has that white trash 'k-mart' feel to it (when K-mart was in trouble), and one feels like they should shower after shopping there. It will do in a pinch, but we would rather shop at other places. OTOH by our vacation home is 2 very nice Walmarts, about equal distance away (about 20 minutes) which are a pleasure to shop at. Often we will buy stuff there and bring it to the other place. We tend not to buy food there as we have at both places great supermarkets which do pretty good at pricing and food items, particularly meats and produce seem higher quality and cut better (Walmart has irregular cuts and sometimes bone 'splinters' as well as sometimes some off tasting steaks, not off tasting as in bad, but perhaps tenderizer was used on them - though they are cheap, It appears like many of Walmarts meats have not a insignificant amount of added water.)

The employees at the vacation home area seem happier too, which I'm sure has something to do with the Walmart experience difference, and it is a lot less pressure.