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Originally Posted by Barack Obama View Post
Our population is much larger, and we have guns everywhere. So trying to ban guns is basically impossible,
The size of our population and the number of guns we have is irrelevant to the task of banning guns. The reason we can't ban guns is that too many people don't want us to ban guns. If the American People decided to overwhelmingly support the concept of banning certain guns, they'd be banned and it would be surprisingly easy to manage.

I propose training children how to operate firearms and respect them. Thats the only thing I can see that will help reduce gun violence in america.
People committing gun violence know how to operate firearms. There is really no problem with shooters failing to understand that guns are dangerous weapons. They get it, they understand THAT concept really well, which is why they're shooters and not slashers.

At best this helps reduce accidental deaths from firearms, which are surely far higher than is optimal. At worst, this encourages more people to own firearms, by creating an increased level of comfort around them, and results in an increase in deaths via firearm due to increased availability.