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Originally Posted by Hermitian View Post
1. A lot of other countries have banned guns and had more success with it but they did not have nearly as many guns and not nearly a strong gun culture. With almost 400 millions guns in the US, there is simply no way to get rid of them all. And those are the just the currently existing ones.
The only part of this that actually matters is gun culture. Our country could easily collect and destroy 400 million small steel objects. It would take some logistical work, to be sure, but it's all just basic block and tackle stuff.

The hurdle we can't jump is gun culture. Our existing gun culture means that it's politically impossible to pass sweeping reform, and even if you did, large numbers of owners would refuse to follow the law. It's not that we can't collect and destroy 400 million guns (because 400 million is too big a number), it's that tens of millions of gun owners will actively try to prevent a gun ban from working.