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Is there a difference between food grade mineral oil and laxative mineral oil?

I mean, besides the price. On Amazon I see laxative mineral oil for about $10 for 16 oz while food grade (usually for use on wood that will be used for food) is twice the price at, generally, $8 for 8 oz. Also, as a quick look-see, I searched Amazon's Industrial and Scientific sub-category for mineral oil and got one priced at $14 for 32 oz.

I'm really interested in the difference between the laxative and the food grade. Wouldn't laxative oil have to be food grade by default? For full disclosure's sake, I was looking for mineral oil to stock in my craft room, for crafty stuff. Mostly non-put-in-your-mouth stuff but, who knows. I may make a cutting board or spoon one day.