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A few months back we saw Basilisk quitting the police force over moral qualms. She wasn't doing anything immoral personally but she decided that the police in general were so immoral that she was tainted by being in the profession. So she quit and became a social worker (which presumably is a "moral" profession).

And what do we see her doing now as a social worker? She's bullying some guy she doesn't know with threats. It's over a trivial cause; she just doesn't want the inconvenience of waiting until May has a day off. And it isn't based on any actual knowledge; she just assumes that somebody in a certain job must be a criminal on the side, which is blatant profiling. If a police officer did this, it would be a prime example of the kind of immorality that Basilisk was supposedly opposed to. But now she's doing it herself.

Is this intentional? Or is it just one of Jacques' blindspots?