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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
The idea that Halle Bailey was the most qualified candidate seems to strike so many (white) people as crazy. To me, as a black woman, this skepticism is quite discomfiting.
And also IMO not at all convincing. It's ignoring the elephant in the room, namely the obvious fact that any actress playing Ariel has got to be an absolutely kick-ass singer.

It's one thing for live-action Belle or Cinderella to be an inexperienced or undistinguished vocalist, because the character isn't noted for singing. But Ariel is supposed to have the most beautiful singing voice in the whole undersea world, isn't she? Certainly a huge chunk of the plot hinges on how wonderful and memorable her voice is.

Add to that the fact that Ariel is supposed to be only 16, and you realize that the combination of characteristics---(1) having exceptional singing talent and beautiful voice; (2) looking no older than a teenager; (3) physically resembling cartoon Ariel---rules out a lot of potential choices. I would not be at all surprised to learn that Halle Bailey was absolutely the best fit for the part, completely irrespective of any diversity considerations.