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Originally Posted by Emiliana View Post
The saute function would be cool. Can you brown meat in an instapot? How about cooking dried beans?
Absolutely, I will brown meat, onion and garlic for a beef stew, add the rest of my ingredients, and have a great pot of stew with tender, flavorful veggies in an hour or so, counting time for pressurizing. Dried beans cook up nicely, don't even need to pre-soak, just have plenty of water in the pot.


Originally Posted by Tired and Cranky View Post
I use ours for dried beans all the time. I find I need about 20-25% more time than most internet recipes suggest but the Instant Pot still finishes while I'm walking the dog and getting the rest of dinner together.
I too did find I needed to add a bit more time than most recommendations, unless one likes al dente beans.

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