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Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
I've been thinking about getting an Instant Pot and because I live alone, thought that the three-quart one would be best. But now I'm thinking that most of the recipes are probably designed for the six-quart one (which seems to be the default size) so that's what I'll probably get.
Yes, definitely get the bigger one. I got an Instant Pot Mini (the three quart one) for my birthday last year. The giver thought the same thing you did, that since I live alone the bigger one would be overkill. I really don't use it all that much precisely because of what you said -- most recipes don't fit in it. I'd rather not cut the recipes in half because I generally like to make extra food so I have leftovers to eat during the week. And the saute feature doesn't work as well in the small one because it's so small you end up crowding the pan unless you're only making a tiny amount, so your food ends up steamed rather than browned. I mostly just cook rice in it. It is really nice for making rice in; I can just put the rice and water in and start it and then go off and make my stir-fry or whatever without having to worry about the rice, but I'd probably use it for a lot more if I had a bigger one.