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Your dentist is probably recommending an occlusal adjustment because he feels that your bite is not coming together properly, which may lead to problems.

It sounds like he is not explaining exactly what the situation is, and exactly why he thinks you need these treatments now. Some dentists and doctors are like that - they get annoyed when patients don't just automatically submit to recommended procedures.

You must see another dentist and get another opinion regarding all of this. You need to know exactly what the problems are, what options are available, and which procedures are the most urgent.

I recently was in a similar situation in which I went to a dentist who recommended that I get quite a few fillings. He was annoyed with my questions and talked to me in a very condescending manner. Furthermore, my teeth still hurt two weeks after getting fillings. So I went to another dentist to get a second opinion. This new dentist said that those four teeth in question had some pitting and should be looked at during the next visit, but they didn't need drilling and filling at this time. I had a good discussion with him about dentistry, and he had no problems with my questions. He also worked on a malocclusion caused by the first dentist who built up a couple of fillings too high, which caused a great deal of pain with my bite.