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Re: Re: Dentists, what is an Occlusal Adjustment

Originally posted by ronbo

Get a second opinion; get a third opinion if you feel you need it. Find a dentist that seems to fit your concept of what a dentist should be. This is your mouth. It is a BIG mistake to base your decisions on your insurance.
Sorry I wasn't basing my decision on my insurance, I'm not worried about money, but about doing things that may not need to be done.

The mandible (lower jaw) fits into sockets in the skull: The Temple/Mandible Joint. Temporomandibular Joint... If joint damage occurs it is too late. Short of surgery or artificial joint placement, you will have to live with it broken.
Thanks for the info.

The goal is to have all teeth touch evenly in centric relation. At this point your night grinding might stop and you may not need the occlusal guard.
See I was not told this part, I was told I would have to have one, at the cost of $400 or so. No, you might need this but you will need this.

There is no way of knowing whether your grinding is going to lead to problems. Problems only occur in a small minority of cases. On the other hand the occlusal adjustment is minimally invasive, and people with TMD (dysfunction) can be in severe pain the rest of their life.
I have been looking a bit on the web and have seen conflicting info, some have said that it does nothing while others have said it will work wonders. I really wanted to know why after 30 years this is the first time it's ever been brought up, and without really looking at my teeth. I will find another dentist today. Thanks for the information that I was looking for.