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As I mention in the Acknowledgments to my first book, three authors I consulted -- Jerome Y. Lettvin, Thalia Phyllies (Feldman) Howe and Emily Erwin Culpepper all said that they were going to write books on the Gorgon. They never did. It'd be interesting to see what they would have done, given the greater space a book would have given them.

There are a few books that were never finished by the original authors. In some cases, others finished the book. But it would've been interesting to see the author's actual conclusions:

Hornblower and the Crisis by C.S. Forester. The part he wrote has been published, along with a brief note on how he'd end it. But it'd be interesting to see if he would have put in a twist like the one suggested by C. Northcote Parkinson in his Biography of Horatio Hornblower

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens. I [u]hate[/I] it when they don't get to complete a mystery

Almuric by Robert E. Howard. I didn't know for years that Howard never finished it, and that the complete novel we have was finished by someone else.

The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming. He finished it, but he never went through and finished revising and polishing it, and it shows. He might even have given it a more satisfying ending.

The Barsac Mission by Jules Verne. The version we have now is virtually the work of his son, Michel Verne. It would be interesting to see what the older Verne would have made of that incomplete novel.

Tom Sawyer Among the Indians -- Mark Twain's manuscript breaks off in the middle of a sentence. Some critics think he didn't finish it because he didn't like where it was going, and Twain was known for burning manuscripts he wasn't happy with. But he might have been able to salvage this.

Variable Star by Robert Heinlein. Much as I like Spider Robinson's work, his completion of this novel feels much more like his work than Heinlein's.

Tarzan -- the Lost Adventure -- completed by Joe Lansdale. as others have pointed out, he ignored clear signs of where Burroughs was going with the plot. I guarantee that he wouldn't have ended it with a karate match with a giant praying mantis.