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Originally Posted by Andy L View Post
Persecution of Jews was endemic in Poland - Bernadette's ancestors would have ignored the persecution or participated in it.
It's ignorant to say that persecution of Jews was endemic in Poland. There were over 3.4 million Jews in Poland (almost 10% of the population) at the beginning of Word War II. This is 15 times more than in France, 10 times more than in Germany and almost 60 times more than in Italy. One hundred thirty thousand soldiers of Jewish descent served in the Polish Army at the outbreak of the Second World War, thus being among the first to launch armed resistance against the Nazi Germany. The numbers do not lend themselves to a country where prosecution is or was endemic.

The whole The Big Bang Theory comment is vulgar in its insinuation that somehow Poles were responsible for killing of their neighbors or (by extension) mass killing of Jews during World War II. What makes it worse is that over 6 million Poles (half of which were Jewish) were killed during WWII. While there were random killings of Jews by collaborators in Poland (including Jewish collaborators) as there were in all of Europe during WWII, Polish citizens have the world’s highest count of individuals awarded medals of Righteous among the Nations, given by the State of Israel to non-Jews who saved Jews from extermination during the Holocaust. Stop the ignorance.