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I guess I'm done with the game until they add more content. I'm level 42, completed the Enclave quest, and explored most of the map and finished off most of the side missions. And, well, I'm just not interested in grinding blast zones or whatever.

It sure seems like the game has driven away all but a grindy hardcore base. Most players on any given server seem to be well into level 100+. There is a definite dearth of players at ~50; either they're much higher because they've spent a ton of hours on grinding levels or they've given up the game well before that point.

The server reliability has gotten absurd. I still get kicked maybe once an hour, and sometimes a few times an hour. Often I can't even reconnect until I restart the game. There are questlines I've given up because I literally can't finish them before being booted, and when I restart I'm back at the beginning. It's unbelievable that this hasn't gotten better in the past weeks.

I've had a grand total of two positive, emergent multiplayer experiences. Once, in the beginning, where exploring around a town I overheard a guy singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" to himself in a bar. He was singing badly but enthusiastically. It felt... post-apocalyptic. The other time I was exploring a gas station when someone triggered an invasion of wolves. I stood on the roof, sniping the wolves, while the other guy acted as a tank on the ground. We didn't team up or anything, just a bit of random interaction that made for an emergent outcome.

But that's really it. It's not enough to make up for degrading every other aspect of the experience, often to the point of making the game literally unplayable. And now that I've explored most places and run through most of the questlines, I see no reason to continue. Which means it's fallen far short of previous games in the series.