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The end game is incredibly grindy, no doubt. My character is at 80 right now and I've explored most of the map as well. I haven't done probably half the quests, as they seem pretty boring and I'm not seeing the great rewards. I have done most of the daily events...some of them I do basically every time they pop up (uranium fever is one I always do if I can). And I've done a ton of nuke zone raids. Those are the most fun, for me, especially when someone nukes the big hotel. I've been in some extremely frantic situations with hordes (literally) of high level irradiated ghouls along with a few (2-4) legendary mobs as well. Heck, one time I got hit by ghouls, legendary mobs, a high level irradiated death claw AND a freaking high level scorch beast. That was pretty hairy, but I managed, somehow, to survive (mainly because the mobs started fighting each other and also because some other players showed up).

That said, it's a grind at this point. I need a really good legendary weapon in order to do the sorts of damage a lot of the high level characters do. And they aren't dropping for me. I'm also always on the verge of being overloaded, to the point I don't bother picking up anything that isn't a legendary, and even then most of the time I just toss it away since I know it won't be worth my effort to drag it back to a vendor on the hope they have some caps. They are still a long way from a stable game at this point, but they badly need to be adding new content. The game today is where it should have been in the beta, and they should have extended that beta for at least 6 months. Then they would have worked out all the bugs they have worked out so far and all of the ones they still need, fixed their stability issues and balance issues and at release been ready to start adding new content on a regular basis. At this point they are still trying to figure out how large a stash they should have and stupid shit like that.

I haven't given up on the game yet. It's still cool to explore some of the higher level instances with friends in the Fallout world, I still enjoy some of the events that pop up and still enjoy going into the nuke zones, but I can definitely see the end of the road unless they start to do some stuff.

My own wish list atm is for them to lower the number of players per server from 25 to 15, allow for individual (or better yet guild) vaults with instances stashes that don't have limits or have really high limits, allow players, once they get to 50 to basically be able to have access to buy ALL of the plans (and have plans for all of the power armor mods) instead of making it random, have vendors with larger pools of caps or, at a minimum put caps spend by players back into the pool of caps that vendors have (i.e. if I buy a bunch of stuff from a vendor they should then have caps to buy from me) and, finally, start adding new content for higher level characters. I'd just junk the PvP part or make PvP only servers as well. They also need to do something about the legendary drop system, because basically it's luck (and grinding) that allows players to become really powerful in the game. Once you get to 50 you are basically capped out wrt SPECIAL...the only thing to grind for at that point are cards you might not have or to respec if you get some new, ridiculous weapon.

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