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Originally Posted by Raza View Post
The Fallout franchise is my most-played in the past 10 years, and I still play Fallout 4, so I'm definitely a fan. But the $60 price initially kept me from getting 76, and the initial reviews gave me even more pause.

But now I'm considering jumping in (PC) if I can get it on sale; is everyone still agin' it?
Here's my take: Fallout 76 is gutted of the main things I play Fallout games for. It lacks most of the interesting NPCs, it lacks the feel of the Dweller/Courier/Survivor as an agent of change, and it lacks legitimate paths to making your character the most absurdly overpowered thing in the Wasteland. (Honestly, it's that last that's probably the most important to me.)

It's an MMO, only smaller, frailer, and with less story than most. Now, I like the occasional MMO, even if game balance concerns force your character to be part of a herd, but that's not what Fallout is about for me. I have no interest in playing it until Bethesda lets other people turn it into a real Fallout game.

Now, you may play Fallout for completely different reasons--maybe you can't get enough of the postapocalyptic aesthetic, or really got into the Fallout 4 base building, or you enjoy the looter-shooter aspect of sifting through all the debris for useful stuff. You can get a fix of those things in Fallout 76...but you could also get that fix by loading the other games with some story mods and playing those, and you won't have to deal with online jerks messing with your stuff.