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The House determines its own rules. They are spelled out nowhere in the Constitution. No matter what the White House says, the House gets to determine how to investigate and how to conduct an impeachment inquiry. Trump's bluster may impress his Twitter followers but it means nothing to a lawyer.

And the House is full of them, while Trump's idiot "lawyer" couldn't pass a first year exam.
Ilya Somin, law professor, George Mason University

There is room for reasonable disagreement about many aspects of impeachment, including the fairness of the procedures used by the House. But Cipollone’s arguments simply don’t pass the laugh test.
As Keith Whittington and Frank Bowman have shown, the letter’s constitutional and “legal” arguments are baseless. It misrepresents the constitutional law and precedent that it is pleading on the president’s behalf. On the merits, it is an exceptionally weak performance. Add to this another deficiency: its glaring failure to effectively represent the institutional interests of the presidency.
Law classmates of White House Counsel Pat Cipollone sent him a letter on Thursday, claiming his decision to block material and witnesses from the House impeachment inquiry "distorts the law and the Constitution," according to a copy of the letter obtained by NBC News.

"We are sorry to see how your letter to the congressional leadership flouts the traditions of rigor and intellectual honesty that we learned together," said the letter from members of the class of 1991 at the University of Chicago Law School.
This analysis does not attempt to catalogue all of the distortions of law and unfounded allegations in the letter, but rather to focus on two particularly pernicious aspects of it that should not get lost amidst airing of technical issues.

The White House letter distorts the nature of the impeachment inquiry and the purpose of impeachment

The letter seeks to turn the subject matter of the inquiry on its head – Trump’s call was plainly not “completely appropriate”
I could go on and on. It's fun reading how astoundingly incompetent Trump's lackeys are. They can fool you, but actual experts blow them away like dandelion puff.