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My sister went to Northwestern and Harvard Law School, my stepsister went to Princeton, my stepbrother went to Yale, my mother is an Optometrist, my stepdad went to MIT.

Still none of them even remotely have a vivid imagination like mine. They never could even begin to match my story ideas. I've also been working on a massive Youtube video with 40 different locations I've designed with a map editor, perfectly timed with music and several ideal subjects to use for digital paintings that I'm including.

To me (I don't think it's an opinion actually) a fantastic imagination is the best possible skill on this planet. What other skill can you go such a distance with, beyond Earth and incorporating so many aspects and detail of existence at once?

Many people seem to think that traveling is the most epic use of time on this planet, planning out elaborate trips to exotic locations. And then they live their whole life with little to no imagination, not realizing that it's even more rewarding, for example the rest of my family.