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Originally Posted by Omar Little View Post
I remember that he never planned to move it. He planned to irradiate the gold making it that his own gold stockpile would rise in value.
That was in the movie. In Fleming's novel, the plan was to steal the gold, though a small atom bomb was part of the plan to blow open the vault. Novel-Bond points out the inherent flaws in the plan, as does movie-Bond, though movie-Goldfinger introduces the idea of destroying Knox's gold in place by detonating the A-Bomb inside the already-breached vault.

A more shocking twist to the story would have been them breaking into the vault and finding it empty because the U.S. Government had been lying about its gold reserves for years.

As an incidental note, I drove by the depository in 1997. It is (or at least then was) a mildly interesting-looking white building sat WAAAAY back behind a really tall chain-link fence. Oddly, the gift store at Fort Knox had virtually no merchandise relating to the depository. I ended up sending home a postcard with a picture of a tank on it.

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