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Your story is difficult to understand, not least because there are not enough details. But I gather it boils down to the fact that a court has told you that you "should attend" and you want to know if you have to.

This sounds like a request for legal advice to me. I am a lawyer but not your lawyer, and I am not competent to practice in your jurisdiction. Indeed, given some of the terms you use, I'm likely unfamiliar with the specific laws of your country. Given that, I feel comfortable in saying only this:

(1) When a court tells you to do something, it is wise to do it, or to have a very good reason for not doing it, backed by the advice of competent counsel.
(2) You need a lawyer competent in your jurisdiction to advise you, especially if you're considering not complying with the request of a court.
(3) Whatever the outcome, your personal matter is most likely not dependent on the theoretical or conceptual legal meaning of the word "should." In real life law, a court is not going to be amused by someone trying to parse semantics in this way.

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