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Originally Posted by Richard Pearse View Post
What is the typical legal definition of "should"? Is it a synonym for "shall" or does it have some leeway?

I'm reading a legal document and although many such documents have a preamble explaining the intended meaning of words like "shall", "should", and "will", this one doesn't.
In the world of Software Requirements, they are very specific terms of art:

Should : This is a suggestion to you, the developer, as to how to proceed. If you have good enough reason, you may exercise professional discretion and disregard it.

Shall : You have to do this.

Will : This is an assertion of fact. So, for example, if the Requirements say "The power supply will provide at least 500 W DC at 12 V, then we are telling you that it will work out in the end so that this happens. You are not responsible for it.