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Should also has a special use in legal planning documents, where it defines the intended goals and criteria for reaching them. "Residential ;B; zones should comprise predominantly single-family residences situated on lots of at lest one half acre with at least 100 feet of road frontage." Or "Loans from the fund should preferentially be made to businesses which will use the money to create new full time jobs."

These set up broad standards to be applied judiciously in specific circumstances. So the developer who seeks to subdivide a 24 acre flat field into 50 parcels of 0.48 acres each while giving the 10 adjacent acres with rock outcrops and a stream as a municipal park -- the town council can accept his plan as complying with the intent of the municipal plan. Or one of the loans goes to enable a brand new medical practice, creating no new jobs but providing the town a needed public service.

Because the plans are written with "should", they provide clear guidance as to intents and standards, not absolute requirements.