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Originally Posted by Boyo Jim
... she's telling me (and my co-worker) how witty and charming and "cute" I am. In fact, most of the comments are addressed to my co-worker, almost as if she's talking about a bright child or a new puppy.

I get this kind of reaction pretty often from married women, but never, ever from single ones -- at least not in a first encounter, and almost never in later encounters.

Why is this?
Well, Boyo, maybe you're witting and charming and 'cute'. Just a thought.

Why do married women do it? Because they think they can (without getting in trouble).

Why don't single women? Because they doubt any witty and charming man is going to be flattered by being called 'cute'. Besides, a lot of women think they have to give a man the opportunity to make the first move.

It sounds really annoying. Are these women your mother's age? Or your grand-mother's?