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Originally Posted by stuyguy
My watch is not the easy-off kind that astro described; it's the type that spingears described, requiring the clampy thing. But like I said, I've managed this before using homemade parts that I built myself. I just forgot how to start -- that is, get it open.
Watch backs with screw down notched case require a small 3 point spanner watch case wrench and (preferably) a holding watch vise, to safely remove without scratching. I have removed these cases with a sturdy pair of needle nose pliers with end points small enough to seat in the notches while gripping the case, but the seating is not super solid and you run a high risk of scratching the back case or gouging your palm with the pliers if you are not careful.

I use the nasty (super cheap) 14.95 Indian wrench about 1/2 of the way down the page. It's cheap and nasty but it works.