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I went to a taping in 1997 during the Bob Barker & Rod Roddy years. I didn't get picked, and my family's seats were so far off to the edge of the studio, I couldn't see more than a split-second blob of myself when I watched the episode. It was still a lot of fun, though.

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I don't get the big deal about Plinko. Nor do I follow the strategy of placing the chip. If it is equally likely to bounce left or right at each pin, it seems to hit the best money slot in the middle, one would drop it in the middle.
You're overestimating the intelligence of the average contestant. Much like how hardly anyone seems to figure out that the best strategy is to bid $1 over another contestant if you have the last bid for an Item Up For Bids (or $1, if you think everybody else overbid).