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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
More information on the case:

1) Family members think that this dude presents an extreme risk and ask the police to temporarily remove his guns.
2) When police show up, he answers the door holding a gun. He sets it down.
3) When he finds out that they're trying to take his guns, he gets super pissed and picks the gun back up.
4) The gun discharges when the police try to take it from him.
5) The police shoot him.
6) ???
7) His death is the fault of the law that says police can take guns away from someone temporarily if they look like they're out of control.

Okay there.
Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
I agree. I just can't believe that "Taking guns away from mentally unstable people results in a mentally unstable person getting killed when they legally try to take his gun away" is somehow the laws fault.
Without Maryland's ERPO law, Mr. Willis would most likely still be alive today. As I noted in my post comparing his death to Eric Garner's death, "Certainly there is some amount of blame that can be laid at the dead men's feet in both cases", but Mr. Willis would not have been surprised by law enforcement at his door trying to enforce an order he knew nothing about at 5:00 am if it were not for Maryland's ERPO law. In that sense, the law was a contributing factor in his death, just like the NY's "loosie" ban was a contributing factor in Garner's death, but his own decisions also contributed to his demise. If you aren't capable of grasping that, I don't know how else to explain it to you.