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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
More information on the case:

1) Family members think that this dude presents an extreme risk and ask the police to temporarily remove his guns.
2) When police show up, he answers the door holding a gun. He sets it down.
3) When he finds out that they're trying to take his guns, he gets super pissed and picks the gun back up.
4) The gun discharges when the police try to take it from him.
5) The police shoot him.
6) ???
7) His death is the fault of the law that says police can take guns away from someone temporarily if they look like they're out of control.

Okay there.
In fairness to Ditka, cops are kind of fucking terrible at dealing with people undergoing mental health crises. A law that allows cops to intervene earlier with citizens suffering mental distress is going to lead to more dead citizens. Which isn't to say that this is necessarily a bad law - or, for that matter, that the cops in this specific situation necessarily did anything wrong. If the cops hadn't intervened, it sounds like there's a good chance this guy would have killed someone else. And, given the circumstances, they may really have had no other option but to shoot him once he started resisting them.

That being said, if the law allowing cops to confiscate guns can be blamed for this guy dying, it seems to me that the law that allowed him to own a gun in the first place would be even more to blame.