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I paid very little attention to politics, especial the personalities of politicians, until retirement. I came of age under Nixon, but hardly paid attention to Watergate. It was Gingrich and Judge Starr's spending millions tracking down the semen-stained dress that awakened me. But I was still willing to give Dubya a chance until the hypocrisies of the Iraq War became impossible to overlook.

Nowadays I come in contact with very few Americans; those few are mostly older white males. I smile but no longer say Hello: odds are they are Trumpists.

I know OP specifically passed that the thread be ABOUT vitriol rather than vitriolic itself, but we're here to try to stamp out stupidity right? Thus ...

Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
If U.S. elections were consistently 80% Republican or Democrat, the winning side would soon try to strip away the losing side of various rights and freedoms.
What are the strongest synonyms of wrong and stupid that are allowed outside the Pit?

The Ds are specifically the Party of Inclusion. They favor extending rights to women as well as men, to blacks and whites, to gays and straights, to rich and poor. Inclusion. The GOP almost brags about being the Party of Exclusion. Look up Inclusion and Exclusion in a dictionary for heavens' sake.

The infuriating ignorance in an unfounded Tu Quoque like we see from Velocity provokes my vitriol.