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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
Yes. The amount of predation must overwhelm the costs associated with moving. Still better than stamping your indignant foot. If you reread you will see that I was giving advice to victims of government predation. This is practical advice, not some ideological martyrdom you prefer for some reason.
There is nothing "practical" in advice to people to pick up and move so that your tender feelings are not hurt because they are protesting.

Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
It is easier now to escape bigotry than ever before. You donít even need to flee the old US of A. You seem to think that until there are no costs associated with moving, victims should endure all costs of staying no matter how excessive. The other poster posited scenarios where the clear solution was moving. I will never give advice to someone that will make them worse off.
It is (generally) easier nw, in the U.S. than in former times. I never demanded that there be no costs. (There are costs for protesting, as well.) The clear solution is to promote change, not run and hide.

Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
Thankfully your ideological martyrdom didnít stop the Underground Railroad. Perhaps you would have counseled enslaved workers to stay and stamp an indignant foot. Maybe those who fled Nazi persecution should have got political? Would that have saved them?
I am not claiming martyrdom; that is your straw man.
As to the Underground Railroad, that pretty clearly falls under my notation of who can or will move: that group being one that requires a move to escape persecution. Although, it must be noted that the vast majority were lacking the facilities and support to employ moving. And both those fleeing slavery and those fleeing Naziism were physically restrained from doing so. However, not unexpectedly, you are changing the subject from those who are participating members of society seeking to improve their position in it (to whom you do not choose to listen) to a different class of people: those physically constrained to slavery of one sort or another.

(I realize that in your world, paying taxes so that merchandise and people can employ roads for communication and trade along with requiring vaccinations to prevent the suffering and deaths of millions is a form of slavery, but the rest of us live in the real world and do not share your odd beliefs.)