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Originally Posted by shunpiker View Post
(boldin' mine)

Uh, who did that? Czarcasm and some other posters here have, but the gentleman on the bus, according to the info presented in the OP, did not.

I'm not trying to defend the guy on the bus. I'm just cautioning against drawing conclusions from (mostly) non-existant data.
Besides the OP themselves seeing its racism and my believing their experience as it's told to me, I also see that comparison in the bus guy's comment, yes. You don't, ok; it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.
But when someone shows me who they are, it's my job to see. The majority of people I've given the benefit of the doubt turned out to be exactly as I thought, so you can hand off my 'caution' to someone else b/c I won't be needing it.
May I suggest you look up microaggression and see if it can be applied to your response(s)?