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I went from Northern VA to Austin TX for a job interview with EA (Electronic Arts). As part of the terms of agreeing to the interview, I asked that they fly me in early so that I could check out Austin and be sure I wanted to move there. This included looking at barns where I could keep my horse.

The first barn I went to, when I left and told them I was heading to barn B, said "that place always looks great because they have lots of Mexicans". The third barn I went to, the owner told me that I would want to live on the west side of Austin because "All of the Blacks and Mexicans live on the east side"

My main thoughts included: "WTF. I am a complete stranger!" and "At least in Texas most of the Hispanic folks are actually Mexican".

Those two conversations were definitely part of the reason I turned down the job. I went into the interview after 2 days of wandering around non-tourist Austin and thought that "I had better LOVE the job if I am going to relocate here" and while I thought the job sounded pretty cool, it wasn't cool enough to pick up my entire life and move to Texas.