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Originally Posted by Zakalwe View Post
Figure on Taggert staying until:
  1. The financial situation improves.
  2. His buyout gets down low enough that we can take the hit.
  3. He does something dumb enough to negate/reduce to manageable levels the buyout.

2 is the most likely with 3 being a real long shot. 1 would most likely involve some big booster or group of boosters and I think that well is currently semi-dry.
What you can really figure is that I apparently don't know what I'm talking about:

Florida State has fired Willie Taggart effective immediately

The article implies that the Booster's signature investment in College Town was taking a huge hit from the team's general suckitude and that it was pay the money now or lose even more waiting it out.

There are also quiet rumors that FSU may have some "moral issues" in their pocket to negotiate a lower buyout. Seems too good to be true, but you never know...