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I could be wrong, but I suspect that if LSU goes into the SEC title game undefeated, Alabama's probably out, depending on how LSU plays, and of course how other teams from other conferences play up to that point.

But let's say we've got Ohio State, Clemson and then Georgia narrowly defeats LSU in an epic game, I think Alabama's out. I think the CFP would lose credibility if they selected a Bama team that got beaten by an LSU team that also beat 4 top ten teams.

Now if LSU beats Georgia, then UGA loses its conference and becomes a 2-loss team, which means that a lot of people would argue that Bama's the 2nd rated team in the SEC, which isn't an unreasonable conclusion (assuming Alabama remains a 1-loss team and finishes the season strong).

The question then becomes is Alabama more deserving of Oregon, or are they more deserving of the Big 12 winner, or even another strong Big10 team like Penn State. My guess is, yes, they would get the benefit of the doubt based on history.

I think that whether the rest of the country likes it or not, there's a very good chance of having 2 teams from the SEC this year.

However, I've watched LSU choke before. They could still get suckered this weekend. Some writers have predicted that A&M will be a tough game, but psychologically, I think the Tigers will be pumped up at a chance for revenge from last year.