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Originally Posted by racepug View Post
I agree 100%. I've lived in Pac-8/-10/-12 country almost my entire life but I don't think any team from the Pac-12 deserves to be mentioned as being in contention for the playoff. For those of you pushing for Oregon's inclusion, you DO realize that the Auburn team that they lost to is, at best, a "tier two" SEC team, right? Personally, I hope Utah gets to the Pac-12 title game (I don't think their participation in that game has been settled just yet thanks to that loss to USC and USC continuing to win conference games this season despite it being obvious to any neutral observer that USC's football team, from a national perspective, simply isn't all that good this year) and beats the Ducks because I think that Oregon playing against one of the top teams from the Big Fourteen or from the S.E.C. will be an epic beat-down. Those of you who are in favor of competitive games in the CFP should also be pulling against a Pac-12 team's inclusion as hard as you can.
Oregon was dominating Auburn and, in a week one game, somehow blew it. But it was week one. They've been impressive enough to be in the conversation. Teams get better during the season, particularly as young players mature from week to week.

That being said, right now, I'd say that Utah is actually more impressive than Oregon, but if the Ducks can beat the Utes in the PAC12 title game, then I'd say they're definitely in the conversation. But the PAC 12 winner is probably going to need some help. They can either hope that A&M stuns LSU and then LSU drops the SEC title game, or that Ohio St chokes. Clemson's not choking, so forget it. They're in. And don't let the weak schedule fool you: the Clemson Tigers are still very, very dangerous.