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brown discoloration in apples,

Yes me too, and I have never seen this before in any apple,I have picked apples in summers gonew. they appear only (for this area) in these nice looking waxy red delicious apples. I wouldnt eat it and the farmer should be hung for selling this crap. it is either a preservative or something nastyanyways they arent fit to eat or sell but they look real good , this guy is glossing over a serious problem of selling bad fruit and blaming it blithely on co2 gases and shit I know a storage apple when i have one and i dont like them and when they are past they should not be sold and farmer take his damn loss. it would nt be a losss if he used it to feed his animals not us.brown discoliration is semthing other than gases as i have never seen this particular wierdness before 6 decades.been here.sure you can eat them like he sez but i question if he has any brains yu can eat them he wouldnt.