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Ways to get rid of fruit flies

My apartment is full of fruit flies! After doing some googling, I have determined that they are hatching down the kitchen sink drain (thus there seems to be a neverending supply of them). The googling also came up with a bunch of websites trying to sell me Drain Gel (formerly known as Fly Gel; creative names, eh?). This is apparently some sort of super-Drano which will clear the gunk in the pipes which the flies are using as their food source and laying eggs in. They also sell fruit fly sticky traps but these will not eliminate the source of the problem.

I am reluctant to buy these products online but have not had much luck finding them (or any fruit fly control product) in stores around here (I plan to try Walmart and Home Depot-type places this weekend while I am visiting Mom and Dad in Suburbia). So I have a couple of questions: does anyone know what my best bet is for finding these products not online? And, has anyone had success with other methods of eliminating drain flies? For instance, should regular Drano (I noticed at the grocery store they had a special 'kitchen sink' type) also be effective? All these websites claim bleach poured down the drain does not work. Swatting at the bloody things by hand is extremely inefficient, and I although my apartment is actually very clean, the infestation is starting to make me feel like I live in a pit.