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Originally Posted by Melandry
My apartment is full of fruit flies! After doing some googling, I have determined that they are hatching down the kitchen sink drain (thus there seems to be a neverending supply of them).
Let me make a wild guess. You dispose of cooking grease in the sink drain?
Doing so coats the sides of the trap with a build up of grease and other food waste that drain flies love. Eliminate the source and voila, no more fles.
1. Flush the drain with a pot of really hot to near boiling water to melt and wash down the grease.
2. Stuff the trap with a loose wad of toilet paper or cleansing tissues and fill the drain to the top with liquid caustic "Drain-O" or similar product to saponify all remaining grease. Drain may open spontaneously or if not apply plunger with plain warm water in sink. BE CAREFULL the caustic is hard on the eyes.
3. Be sure all other drains in house have an adequate water seal.
4. Put all grease in garbage or closed top collection can and then to garbage.