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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
Woot! 33K bounty in a single kill!

I started exploring last week, stripped down the Cobra and headed out towards the California Nebula on a 'shake down' cruise, past the Perseus Dark Region and the a little towards the North American Nebula before heading home. About a 2000 Ly trip, netted just under $1mil credits and scored 60 or 70 first discovery tickets (CMDR Seaton if you're out that way).

After that I removed the pair of lasers I was carrying and the cargo bay giving me a 26ly jump range. Yesterday I departed on my second exploration mission headed for the Cave Nebula (3000Ly away) and if my ship (the "Gom Jabbar") is still ok I'll keep going, heading for the Heart and Soul nebula's (another 4000Ly past the Cave Nebula)