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Originally Posted by Munch View Post
I broke the world on my last playthrough (I'm currently slogging through the last map upgrades on lvl 59 before doing it again). What a massive wall to hit that is. Managed to get to lvl 65, and had to portal since it was so slow.
Don't waste resources on prestige upgrades immediately prior to breaking the planet, because their cost is reduced by 90% afterwards. You need about ~700 Qa combined health and block to beat zone 59, so once you have that, stop buying any more upgrades. It will be almost entirely block too - just keep up with Gymystic and max out your gyms (along with a healthy amount of Trainers) and you should have enough.

Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
Did you respec and spend ALL your helium on wormholes, or did you leave your perks alone and spend just the helium you were earning on that run on wormholes?
Respec only lets you reallocate the He you had before the run started. You cannot spend the He you're earning on your current run on perks until you portal anyway, and that is the only He that will be available for you to spend on Wormholes.