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Maybe Zimmerman was racist and profiling, maybe he wasn't. But his action of shooting a guy bashing his head into concrete is not a racist action it's survival instinct. I had a sort of reverse situation occur in real life, when I had to pee so badly that I pulled over into this neighborhood on the side of the road, walked down the street and urinated near some bushes. I'm white and a black guy came out of his house and asked what I was doing in his neighborhood and told me to leave. Now it was impossible from the house he came out of that he saw me peeing. I told him the truth but he wouldn't accept my answer and proceeded to basically chest bump me and tried to physically intimidate me. I had a conceal/carry handgun on my person but I just defused the situation and told him I was leaving even as he was still in my face and even hit my car window as I walked to and got inside my car.

The guy did cross the line and physically pushed me a little bit but if it had crossed a certain threshold and he started bashing my head into the curb I don't think I would have been racist or in the wrong to shoot such a person if I didn't think or know that they would stop. I agree with Shodan but I don't expect most posters on this board to agree with me.
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