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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Personally I think it highly unlikely that a 10-member SCOTUS would come to a consensus on additional members. I think the five extra seats would lie vacant, and the 10th seat would be a boon to whichever party got to fill it.
Maybe. That's certainly consistent with a view that the court is basically already just a tiny broken Senate. If that's so, then court-packing is probably the correct course for the Democrats. Though it would make more sense to start by mobilizing support for DC and Puerto Rican statehood.

But I don't think we're actually all the way there yet. I suspect justices like Roberts and Garland would be consensus picks, for example. Indeed, I imagine that the consensus selections would make most on the left pretty unhappy, which is another reason I find it odd that the idea would be received with such hostility by the right.