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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
As many of those who do not pay income tax are his wealthy peers. Yet, they still expect the govt to take care of them.
Unfortunately, this is pretty much the opposite of what Romney said. The bottom 47% who do not pay taxes are not appealed to by tax cuts, nor would anyone else who didn't pay taxes. And of course, the notion that "many" of Romney's wealthy peers do not pay income tax is wrong, or have not paid the taxes that go to education, roads, and schools, but even apart from that, the statement is false.

Do you disagree that those who actually want to help those less fortunate them themselves are going to do more to help those less fortunate than themselves than those who subscribe to your every man for themself philosophy?
And yet religious conservatives donate more to charitable causes than secular liberals.
Any proposal that starts with, "We'll solve all our problems by just getting the people to act in *this* way" is doomed to failure from the start, and working from that idea is either ignorant or disingenuous.
If you mean "*this* way" to include "do nothing for yourself except sit still and tell the government to fix everything, mostly with money they take from someone else", I would agree.

Strawmanning is fun, isn't it?