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Originally Posted by Airbeck View Post
I just think that many that subscribe to the "people just need to be more responsible" mindset to justify not wanting the government to help people at all don't really think about the actual real world effects of this viewpoint if put into action.

I wasn't trying to point at any specific person, even though I was responding to your post originally. My use of "you" was meant in a general sense.
I am perfectly ok with that, as most of mine were as well.

See, that's the thing. Most people who require assistance SHOULD be more responsible. And conservatives hold that value

It's a rather tough pill to swallow when the real world shows you that some people do not give a shit about helping, not only themselves, but family members/children. If someone cannot financially support a child, they should not bring them into this world assuming that someone else will.

Most of our support systems we have in place encourages dependence on it rather than being free of it.