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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Sadly, Scylla, sometimes it seems that the more effort I put into a post, the less likely you are to respond. When I went through, step-by-step, the history of the shutdown in the other thread, you ignored it. Sometimes I succumb to baser thoughts and put out a flippant snarky post, but that's immature and I apologize. Even if such snark appears more likely to actually get engagement. I'd certainly prefer the substantive discussion, even when it gets contentious.
I think that characterization is incorrect. I have tended to engage you at length, and I donít dodge good debating points. I do move on when in my judgement I find it frustrating, pointless or not interesting, which is what I did in the previous thread. I try not to make a point of not getting pulled back into a conversation that Iíve decided isnít worth having.

I try not to hold grudges or carry debate from one thread into another, as that is unfair to the participants in the new thread.

The exception is when people troll after me, or I perceive they are carrying grudges.

My sincere suggestion would be to move on and if you have something interesting to say on the current subject, do so.