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Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
You can approve of Trump’s job as President, and consider him not to be a conservative. I do.
What do you consider him, then?

Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Unfortunately, this is pretty much the opposite of what Romney said. The bottom 47% who do not pay taxes are not appealed to by tax cuts, nor would anyone else who didn't pay taxes. And of course, the notion that "many" of Romney's wealthy peers do not pay income tax is wrong, or have not paid the taxes that go to education, roads, and schools, but even apart from that, the statement is false.
Yes, that is what Romney said, but Romney was either misinformed or lying. He was trying to make a disparaging remark about those he considered himself to be better than, but the facts bear out that he was also talking about his own peers.

As far as roads and schools, those are paid for, not by income tax, but by property tax and excise tax, both of which are regressive, and both of which are not only paid by the poor, but paid at a higher percentage of income than that of the wealthy, very bad examples for you to choose to try to make Romney's comment about those he looks down on to be any more accurate, or any less hateful.

And yet religious conservatives donate more to charitable causes than secular liberals.
By a pretty small margin, but that's not the point. The conservative gets to choose who is helped by his donation, and can decide that some things are not worthy of support. Don't like black people, don't donate to causes that help black people.
Then there is the fact that they include the donations that they make that help themselves, building churches and paying clergy for their own use, and taking a tax exemption for it.
And finally, you also have the people making donations to get their kids into colleges that they are not qualified to go to, those are also tracked in your charitable cause donations.
If you mean "*this* way" to include "do nothing for yourself except sit still and tell the government to fix everything, mostly with money they take from someone else", I would agree.
No, that is not what I meant, and it would be either stupid or disingenuous to think that I did. That's not even a strawman, that's just completely fabricated from whole cloth.
Strawmanning is fun, isn't it?
You certainly seem to think so, as I have yet to see you do anything but. If you are referring to my comments as a strawman, then you should pay attention to what I was responding to, where Puddlegum made this claim:
The only thing that can help people is self reliance and if universally practiced it would solve nearly every political problem.
Do you deny that this means that everyone needs to change their behavior? Do you deny that that claim is that "nearly every political problem" would be solved?

Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
Tax cuts, foreign policy exempting tariffs, border policy, pwning leftists.
So, you are in favor of massive deficits, sending our people into unnecessary wars, seperating children from their parents and locking them in cages, and hate half of your fellow citizens?

Yeah, that actually does sound like conservative values to me.

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