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Originally Posted by Scylla View Post
Orange douchebag.
An orange douchebag, of which you approve, you mean.

Federal funds which are derived from income tax do get used for roads and schools.
Are you denying the existence of property taxes and gasoline taxes here? I can cite them if you really do not believe in them, but I hope that that is not also something that you have missed.

In this very post that I snipped from you were complaining about being strawmanned.

Pot. Kettle. Black.
You specifically said things you were in favor of, I simply pointed out the actual, real life consequences of those things. That's not a strawman, that is, well, taking responsibility for your actions. Something relevant to this thread in that this is yet another way that conservatives wish to avoid responsibility for their actions.

Also, I did not complain about being strawmanned, Shodan admitted that he was strawmanning me, but I did not complain about it, I just observed that that was Shodan's usual debate "tactic", so even your snippet about that is actually a strawman of your own making.

If you advocate for lower taxes, are you not responsible for ballooning deficits? If you advocate for an aggressive foreign policy,are you not responsible for the wars that it causes? If you advocate for a zero tolerance border policy, are you not responsible for the humanitarian crisis it causes?