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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
They said, "Bring me back my job."

You seem to be missing the mismatch of job openings to available skills. The jobs that are open are not jobs that displaced factory workers can do, not without fairly extensive retraining, retraining that I might point out that is cut under the current administration.
This is not really an issue. Farrier used to be a big thing when the world ran on horse. Progress means that their is always a transition from obsolete jobs to new industry. The job market is basically the best ever. Full employment is generally considered to exist around 6-7%. We are half that. That data tells us that people are in fact transitioning very well. You can look at the data and see that construction and manufacturing, and transportation and manufacturing are all adding jobs. You can look at the government website directly or go here:

And see that we are beyond full employment in ALL worker categories.

If what you say is true, that anyone can take any of these millions of job openings, then it sounds like you are making a case for immigration.
Absolutely. I just want them to be documented and to pay taxes, and go through the process so we get the right people. I think itís obvious we need more immigration.

I am making rational and economic arguments, for what is best for society, the emotional plea is when you complain that it is your hard earned money that is going to support your community.
Youíre really not, and I havenít. This whole plight of the unemployed thing is not borne out by the facts.

Then you should know that talking about the simplicity of a supply/demand graph will fall well short of describing the much more complex issues of labor. Your question of "If it was not a living wage, wouldnít they go elsewhere, thus limiting supply and driving up price?" is overly simple, and does not even pretend to address the actual issues faced by real people, that people are not a fungible commodity that can fill any job any place any time.
I ask the question because your comment did not seem to reach to the level where it was cognizant of supply versus demand. I asked politely and in the form of a question.

I would be happy to go in depth with you, but frankly, I think you need to start with a 101 refresher.

You claim to be well versed in finance, given the known fact that people do not go elsewhere to limit supply and drive up the price, what reason would you give? Are they just stubborn, or is it a bit more complicated than you are trying to insinuate?
Historically, they do move, once things get bad enough. Sometimes the new jobs come to them.

You are acting is if there is this great problem in this country right now where we have lots of our work people stuck in one place, unwilling or unable to find new jobs.

The fact of the matter is that this has never ever in our history as a country been less of a thing than it is now.

It is so NOT a problem, that that fact itself is actually a problem.

Things need to be really bad in certain segments of the country or specific industries to push people to move or to upgrade their skills so that there are qualified workers available in industries and areas that need them.

That is exactly what is meant by the concept of full employment, which is the theoretical optimum employment rate that still invents transition to growth.