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Ah, the right people. Personally, to me, the right people are people that want to come here and make a better life for themselves and their family. What is your definition of "the right people"?
Those who make a net positive contribution to our society.

Well, the president that you say that you support feels the opposite of that.
I may be wrong, but I think he is fine with legal immigration.

I feel that I most certainly have. I have done no emotional pleading. I do, OTOH, feel that complaining that having to pay to support those less fortunate is a very emotional argument.
I donít think Iíve made such a complaint. It doesnít make sense to extend benefits to non citizens, when our society does not fully meet the needs of all of its less fortunate ones though. So, I am not a fan of benefits to illegals.

It's not just the unemployed, which, whether you believe it or not, really do exist.
Yes. Economically the country needs more.

There are also the underemployed, those making less than a living wage.
This may surprise you, but not all jobs can or should provide a living wage.

Then there is the coming crisis of automation that will make more and more low skilled jobs unavailable. We not only need to worry about what happens to the people who are currently displaced by technology, but make plans for those who will be displaced in the future.
What do you mean make plans for? This whole market economy thing works because people respond to incentives. They are capable of determining their market value, making plans and decisions for themselves as individuals better than we are.

No, I understand supply and demand just fine, I just do not see the labor market as being simple enough to put onto a 2 dimensional supply demand graph.
Why not. Labor is a service like any other good or service. What is the nature of your objection to suggest that it is invalid?

I'd be happy to go into depth too, if you could lay off the insults.
Iím not insulting. To speak intelligently about this topic you either have to know certain things, or be cognizant of your ignorance. That is, to know that you donít know. You are demonstrating neither. Thatís not an insult. Itís an observation.

"Once things get bad enough..." exactly.
Yes. Why is that a problem?

This is an issue that does need to be addressed, yes. Unemployment and underemployement are things that we should actually b concerned about.
Yes. The unemployment rate should be higher. Overall the fact that is not means that we are not doing as well as we could.

So, you are saying that people need to suffer before some of those suffering can alleviate some of it?
Unfortunately, thatís just a fact.

Are you for or against govt assistance in retraining and relocation?
Not right now. Why should the government pay to train workers and move them for corporations? Especially when those corporations are desperate for workers. Why would we subsidize the Fortune 500 any more than we already are?