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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
"Damn, I want to hit that", he just called me and every other woman in this thread a "that". Right there, the tone was set and I was told that this would be a conversation among men, and any woman is starting at a disadvantage because she's not even really a person to the OP--who is confident he speaks for all men.
I totally agree with this. Instead of setting the table for a straightforward discussion about sexual desire and how one handles it in various situations, the conversation based on gross braggadocio.

He's explicitly looking for validation that his thoughts are normal--and he only wants it from other men, because anything women say will be met with "you couldn't possibly understand and any man who tells you different than me is lying to you".
The whole "women just can't understand" is a common tactic for refusing to do any serious introspection or working to change inequality in society.
*I'm experimenting with E, em, and es and emself as pronouns that do not indicate any specific gender nor exclude any specific gender.