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Originally Posted by kevlaw View Post
If there is an election, I wonder what will happen in Northern Ireland given that NI has a remain majority. Are the DUP *that* popular? Or will they lose seats to the more moderate unionist parties? Will the nationalist parties make gains against Sinn Fein when people decide that, actually, they'd rather like their MPs to vote in Parliament?
I'll admit to be commenting from a position of ignorance here, but I'm pretty sure the Sinn-Fein-not-voting thing has been baked in for decades, and this isn't likely to change unless Sinn Fein themselves change it.

DUrP are the party of the religious troglodyte voters, of which NI has many. I don't know what the relationship between the various Unionist parties is; if they're in active contention the others could certainly lay the blame for the status quo at the DUrP's feet but will only do so if they are sure that the voters won't defect to nationalist parties instead (which is unlikely for DurP voters, admittedly).