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Originally Posted by Abatis View Post
I can appreciate that in theory. But in reality I have spent a few decades reading everything available on both sides of the argument and am very familiar with every aspect of the anti-gun position and every nuance of their arguments and I have witnessed the ever shrinking sophistication of the anti-gun argument.

My arguments against the ever stupider anti-gun positions remain the same they have been since the mid '90's, they are wrong for a reason and I still like to show WHY they are wrong . . . Don't think that I think that I will ever change THAT person's mind; I post for the lurkers. Look at the page views of any gun thread, they are always among the higher # of views. There are a lot of people interested in the topic and looking for honest debate and supported info. So, I post for them which is why I post the way I do, exact quoting and dismantlement of the other's statements.

Back in the '90's and early 2000's, both sides would present arguments like I present now, It was incredible and entertaining and informative. I started back on USENET in 1993 in talk.politics.guns; there were thousands of messages a day posted, hundreds of threads, all on law and policy and all the law was on the anti-gun side (the aforementioned "militia right" and "state's right" lower federal court opinions) until Emerson in 2001.

Nowadays, I search high and low (I'm registered on about 25 political boards) to enjoy again that supported debate but it is harder and harder to find. I do tire of being told I'm an uncaring monster, eager to step over the bodies of kindergartners just to rub my penis substitute. Those "arguments" get old quick
Your argument, like every argument for your side, adds up to the U.S. Constitution and related case law being on your side. That's all well and good. When the law is on your side, bang on the law, as they say.

On my side, there is the matter of many nations with democratic societies where people enjoy all the rights and freedoms that the FF had in mind, but without the need to put a gun in every hand. I see this as the preponderance of evidence being on my side. So I'll bang on the facts.

You may have done your homework on the law since the 90's. But I suspect you could not help but noticed that the socio-political change is swinging away from your positions. That scares you. Why else would you put so much effort into arguing on 25 internet venues. Because you know that laws can and do change. I will continue to argue and vote so that they do.

As to whether or not you're a monster, that's a matter for you and your conscience. You can hide behind standing law and Sov.Cit. mentality, but it's not my job to help you launder it.
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